5 More Tips For a Hot Sleeper to Stay Cool in Bed

Whether you're a hot sleeper or not, there's nothing worse than being too hot in bed.

The problem is, it's hard to tell whether you're a hot sleeper until you try sleeping in the heat…

If you have trouble falling asleep, wake up frequently during the night, and feel exhausted in the morning, it could be that you sleep better in cooler conditions.

Here are some tips for a hot sleeper to stay cool in bed:



Cool Pillow

Temperature regulation is controlled at the base of the brain. 

It increases or decreases sweating and muscle activity.

When sleeping on a warm surface, this area will send signals to your body telling it that it is too hot and needs to sweat more to cool down. 

A good pillow can help keep that part of the brain cool while sleeping at night by absorbing some of the heat of your head.

Also, silk pillowcases help reduce the heat you feel while sleeping.



Cool Mattress

If your mattress is too soft or too thickly padded, it will retain heat and make you warmer throughout the night. 

Instead, choose one that is firm and thin — preferably one made of latex foam or latex foam blend. 

This type of mattress will provide just enough cushioning to keep your body from sinking into the mattress but not so much that it traps heat inside of it.

Use sheets made from breathable fabrics like cotton or linen instead of polyester or polyester blends which trap air inside them and keep your skin warm all night long.



Cool PJs

Wear loose-fitting pajamas made from breathable fabrics. 

Lightweight fabrics help minimize the amount of heat trapped between your body and the sheets.

Cotton is a great material for summertime sleeping, as it absorbs sweat and wicks moisture away from your body.

If you’re looking for something lighter than cotton, consider silk or bamboo blends.



Cool Room

Make sure there's plenty of air circulating around you while sleeping by keeping your windows open whenever possible.

Keeping air circulating around a room will allow fresh air inside which will help keep things stay cooler. 

A small fan placed on an adjustable stand next to your bed can make a big difference in how comfortable you feel at night 



Cool Blanket

Use a blanket made of breathable fabric that allows sweat to evaporate, rather than stick to your skin.

A weighted blanket can be useful for a hot sleeper if it’s made with the right materials.

I’ve found that Gravid makes an excellent one, using glass pellets instead of plastic.

You won’t suffer any more sweat baths when you use a proper weighted blanket.

If you combine these 5 elements, it doesn’t matter how much of a hot sleeper you are, you will sleep through the night like a breeze.