Here's 3 Things You Can Do To Maintain The Perfect Sleep Temperature

Here's 3 Things You Can Do To Maintain The Perfect Sleep Temperature

I'll hand you a little secret from our sleep therapist friends... If you didn't already know or forgot, the perfect sleep temperature for your room is 18˚C (or 65˚F for my friends in the U.S.)

But the AC isn't enough. How do I make sure my body is at the right temperature for the entire night?

Good question.

Here are 3 things you can do to sleep at the right temperature for your body. (#2 is controversial)

1. Choose The Right Blanket & Cover

Find a cover that is made of breathable fabrics like Tencel or Bamboo so that your body temperature can properly be regulated at night.

For the blanket, we recommend having something thinner over you when you sleep so that your body's heat regulators get cooler, and not hotter when you sleep.

Here's 2 options that both work;

1. Get a spring/summer blanket

2. Use your covers as blankets

2. Sleep Without Pyjamas In Bed

I know it might feel weird but it's how humans are made to sleep.

You don't have to sleep naked, but it is strongly recommended by doctors.

If you've slept for your entire life in clothes and you want to try sleeping without them, try starting off with your top off in bed. After a week or so, slowly progress to taking off more pieces of clothing until you feel comfortable sleeping naked.

Now, if that sounds too weird for you but you still wanna stay cool, you can try a cooling weighted blanket.

3. Keep Your Legs Cooler 

For 80% of people, their legs regulate their body temperature, making them feel hot or cold.

So if you tend to get hot at night, try keeping your legs out of the blanket.

For example, try only covering the top of your body with your blanket. Or, if you need your entire body to feel covered, try putting a thin cover over your entire body and your blanket on your top.

If you're part of the 20% of people whose hands control their temperature, well you're in luck. Just keep your arms out of the blanket and you'll feel cooler.

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