Here's 4 Tips To Balance Work Stress

Here's 4 Tips To Balance Work Stress

How to balance work life stress 

About 80% of our customers have told us how much stress they’ve had from work.

And worst of all, it keeps them up at night!

So we had to help our community out with a few neat tips to balance your work life 

To hopefully reduce or even eliminate the work stress

Heres 4 tips:



1. Vitamin D in the morning

Yes, I know how much it sucks to get up early in the morning.

And now I’m telling you to get up even earlier..

And to exercise??

But if you do get direct sunlight in the morning, your stress levels decrease by 54.3% (According to a 2021 study)

If you think about it: when youstart the day with a small win and with nature, you do feel better. 

Which means less work stress for you.



2. Friends and family 

If your boss is hassling you all day and you come back home alone, you feel even worse.


But that’s not to make you feel worse (for my single folks)


It’s to tell you that your friends and or family are always for guy there so they can help you with stress from work.



3. Meditate

 So many people are stressed, yet so few meditate.


And that’s no coincidence.


Yes, it’s hard to get into but just 5 minutes can wipe away weeks off built up stress from your boss.


Also because it helps you live in the present moment which helps even more with stress.


My best recommendation is to just focus on meditating for 5 minutes each day.


Don’t even set a certain time of day to mediate - just focus on consistency


Simply sit down and empty your brain of any thought.


And if you wanna go above and beyond; this blanket feels like you're meditating in your sleep.



4. Your universe

Quick PSA: I’m a huge spiritual guy so take this view with a grain of salt.


And pleas excuse me if I stress yiu even more, but I have to spread this message 


But imagine this: we’re a grain of sand in our own universe.


Nothing changes no matter what you do and you are the perceiver of it.


So why stress over work?


Again, super controversial but thinking this way has helped me tons with any sort of stress - no matter how big it is.