Pre-Bed Routine To Beat Night Anxiety

In the past 2 years, we've been through tons of stress, so it's no surprise that anxiety cases are rising through the roof.

But don't worry, we're here to help you with a proven pre-bed routine that helps and even gets rid of nighttime anxiety...

I must warn you, this will not completely get rid of your anxiety, especially overnight...

But I can GUARANTEE that this routine will help you get some good shut eye tonight...

And no, we don't mean the use of anxiety medication because that creates a whole other mess we don't want to get into.

Here's the 3-step routine to beat night-time anxiety. We added a bonus tip at the end.

1. Step Away From The Stress/Excitement 1h Before 

Nowadays with modern technology, there's a ton of constant noise everywhere we go. Our phone content like politics, news and social media all stimulate and stress the brain out, keeping your subconscious in a fragile state.

It's not just the phone too. Your new bills could cause you stress before bed, worsening your night anxiety.

We recommend instead winding down in a calm room with something passive. These could be hobbies like;

- Journaling

- Gardening

- Reading

- Taking a nice bath

-Our favourite is watching the stars

2. Be In The Present Moment 

This is the most underrated tactic to beat anxiety and you'd be surprised at how little people talk about being in the present moment.

Once you realize that you're in the present moment, all of your problems fade and your mind & body is truly at peace. Might sound a bit voodoo, but it's because your subconscious thoughts (feeds you anxiety) are cleared when you're in the moment. It is only your frontal cortex that is thinking of rational thoughts, the real you.

Now how do I try this? Good question. Here's 5 steps to try it now;

1. Scan your body head-to-toe

2. Scan it toe-to-head

3. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing

4. Focus on the noise you hear

5. Open your eyes and be aware of your surroundings

You can also try searching up guides for this on youtube if you have trouble on your own.

3. Change Or Dim The Lights 

We've all been told that blue light from the TV or our phones keeps us awake, which is true. BUT did you know that your lights have the same effect?

Now I'm sure you don't wanna spend an hour in the dark before bed so you can try red light which maintains your circadian rhythm.

But those can cost an arm and a leg so you can also try dimming the lights, preferably by 50%.

This will also help your body fall asleep faster because it is adjusting to the darkness.

4. Bonus Tip - Weighted Blanket

The Journal Of Occupational Therapy in Mental Health found that "63% of patients reported lower anxiety after use"

If you combine this pre-bed routine with a weighted blanket, your night-time anxiety is no match for you.

The evenly distributed weight gently wraps around you in a soothing manner to calm you down.

We wouldn't be promoting the blanket if we didn't believe in it. We are not saying it would get rid of your anxiety but we GUARANTEE it will help.

But we're warning you, getting out of bed might become your new problem.

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