Why You're Probably Sleep Deprived and How To Fix It

Why You're Probably Sleep Deprived and How To Fix It

How many hours do you sleep on average?

If you answered under 7, you may think that it’s enough but it’s actually not.

A recent study published by the Sleep Journal proved that anything under 7h30 of sleep is considered sleep deprived.

And that’s not even considering the quality of sleep.

Because you have to count the actual hours you’re asleep for (subtract 30-45 minutes, which would turn 7h30 to 6h30)

The worst part?

Most people are so sleep deprived that they don’t even notice they are

Don’t worry, I was the same until I realized I was and fixed it. 

Here’s 3 signs you may be sleep deprived



1. Low Performance 

Did you know you’re 40% less productive when sleep deprived?

Ever feel super tired after around 7 hours of being awake?

Now, try to factor in weekends too because we all know how draining work can be ;)

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

If you have a harder time in bed or even focusing on a simple task, you’re probably sleep deprived.



2. Feeling Nauseous 24/7

Ever work and feel dizzy? Or maybe even like throwing up?

That’s your unbalanced circadian rhythm trying to adjust to the limited sleep.

It almost feels like you have one of those wintery fevers.



3. Focus Test

This one’s my favorite with clients.

Try turning on a video of a topic that you’re interested in.

Make sure the video is at least 5 minutes long.

Watch through the video and then try to recap it to the best of your memory.

If you notice that you can barely remember 2-3 key points - you’re probably sleep deprived.

That’s because when your body doesn’t sleep enough your frontal cortex (big memory part of your brain) doesn’t function as well (captain obvious)


But here's how not to be sleep deprived...

I could sell you on some b.s. gimmick with a half promise…

But that’s not my goal today.

The cold hard truth is that you will have to either go to bed earlier if your problem is just going to bed too late…

Or to reduce your racing thoughts or night anxiety with deep touch pressure stimulation blankets.