Visage with ClimaGel by Gravid

Visage™ Weighted Sleep Mask

The Weighted Blanket For Your Eyes

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Visage with ClimaGel

The Weighted Blanket for Your Eyes

Visage™ Weighted Sleep Mask

Calms overactive minds

1x Plush Mask - 1x Weighted Insert - 1x ClimaGel™ Pack
(ClimaGel™ can be heated or cooled)
Did You Know?

It's like a sleep switch for your brain!

It's not just about darkness; the gentle pressure lowers stress and ramps up your sleep hormone, melatonin, nudging you into a deeper, more refreshing sleep faster.

Calming weight.

  Total Blackout.


60,000+ Happy Sleepers

As Seen on/in National Post, CTV News, Best Health, CBC and Financial Post

The Science Behind

Visage™ Weighted Sleep Mask

Pitch Black, Pure Relax: Increase REM Sleep & Reduce Stress Naturally

conventional sleep masks


No temperature control
Uneven or no weight
Pressure on eyes
Partial light leakage

visage™ weighted sleep mask

Boosts REM Sleep

Can be heated or cooled
Evenly-distributed weight
Zero pressure on eyes
100% blackout

Therapeutic pressure in any sleep position

Visage™ Weighted Sleep Mask maintains consistent, calming pressure on your relaxation points — even as you sleep on your side. The soft, velcro-secured head strap engages pressure points on your temples without touching your ears, for total comfort in every position.

Stimulates pressure points that induce calmness

Visage™  Weighted Sleep Mask’s insert is designed to maximize contact with relaxing pressure points around your eyes — without putting pressure directly on your eyelids. So you can comfortably engage more of the pressure points that help you decompress and release tension.

100% blackout, even in broad daylight

Visage™ Weighted Sleep Mask blocks 100% of light so you get instant relaxation and deep sleep — anytime, anywhere. Its eye cups perfectly contour to your face, giving you total blackout without any pressure directly on your eyes.

ClimaGel™ can be Heated or Cooled

Harness the calming warmth to ease facial tension, boost blood flow, and alleviate persistent pain. Or, let the refreshing coolness minimize inflammation, soothe migraine discomfort, and reduce facial swelling.
Visage™ Weighted Sleep Mask’s velcro-secured strap design offers precise adjustment, so your mask stays in place through the night, no matter how much you toss and turn. And its infinitely adjustable for a custom fit that’s never too tight or too loose.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Seriously. If you don't absolutely fall in love with our Visage™ Sleep Mask, just send it back. 

No hassles, no questions asked. We're cool ;)

Ships from our Toronto Warehouse.

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Visage™ Weighted Sleep Mask FAQ:

How much is shipping?

If you're in Canada, expedited shipping is FREE!

If you're outside of Canada, a shipping rate will be calculated at checkout and you will have an opportunity to verify it before completing your purchase.

How much does the Visage™ Weighted Sleep Mask weigh?

1.5lb / 0.68kg / 680 g
It is weighted using the same fine, precision-rounded microglass beads that our weighted blankets use.

What's included in the Visage™ Weighted Sleep Mask?

Your Weighted Sleep Mask comes with three components:

- Removable Weighted Insert

- ClimaGel™ Pack that can be heated or cooled

- Machine washable plush outer cover

Can the weighted sleep mask be paired with my Gravid weighted blanket?

Yes. Our customers enjoy the full enveloping feeling of a weighted blanket and mask experience. 

How do I wash my weighted sleep mask?

The outer plush cover can be washed in your machine on a cool, gentle cycle with a small amount of liquid detergent. 

Tumble dry on a cool setting until dry.

The weighted insert is hand-wash only.

When can I expect my Visage™ Weighted Sleep Mask?

Once your order is placed, we ship it out from our Marhkam Ontario warehouse within 1 business day. We ship by Canada Post, UPS and Purolator.

You will receive an email with your tracking number once processed, usually within 24 hours of placing your order. 

Canada Post/UPS/Purolator transit times: 

ON, QC: 1 - 2 days 

MB, SK, AB: 3 - 4 days 

West Coast & Maritimes: 3 - 5 days

What makes the Visage™ Weighted Sleep Mask different from other companies?

Experience the pinnacle of nighttime tranquility with our revolutionary Visage™ Weighted Sleep Mask, a standout in the realm of weighted sleep aids. Designed with the discerning sleeper in mind, this weighted sleep mask transcends traditional offerings to deliver a bespoke, restorative sleep experience. Here’s how our Visage™ Weighted Sleep Mask sets a new standard for what a weighted sleep mask should be:

ClimaGel™ Pack – A Unique Offering: Central to the Visage™ Weighted Sleep Mask’s innovation is the ClimaGel™ pack. This distinctive feature elevates it above other weighted sleep masks, offering both heated and cooled comfort. Tailor your sleep environment to your exact preference, ensuring your journey to dreamland is both seamless and sublime.

Promotes Enhanced Melatonin Production: The Visage™ Weighted Sleep Mask harnesses the power of gentle pressure to encourage the production of melatonin, essential for deep, restorative sleep. Unlike ordinary sleep masks, this weighted counterpart transforms your sleep routine into a natural sleep-inducing process.

Anxiety Reduction at Its Best: Designed to soothe and calm, the Visage™ Weighted Sleep Mask is a sanctuary in fabric form. By activating the parasympathetic nervous system, it stands out among weighted sleep masks as a beacon of relaxation, helping you to unwind and slide into sleep with ease.

Unmatched Light Blocking Capability: Achieve the ultimate dark environment for sleep with the Visage™ Weighted Sleep Mask. Its design and weight distribution outperform other weighted sleep masks in providing the darkness necessary for uninterrupted sleep, making it ideal for light-sensitive sleepers or those with irregular sleep schedules.

Targeted Pressure Point Relief: The strategic design of this weighted sleep mask focuses on relieving stress and tension. By aligning with facial pressure points, the Visage™ Weighted Sleep Mask offers a therapeutic touch that other weighted sleep masks can't match, enhancing its role as not just a sleep aid but a nightly wellness ritual.

What is the return policy?

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the item, ship it back to us and we'll refund you 100% of your purchase price.

Please note the products must be returned in good condition, in the original packaging. If items are returned without original packaging, a refund of 50% will be issued. Items returned in poor condition will also be subject to a 50% refund.

Read the full refund policy here.

Do you have a store I can visit?

Gravid's products are available at over 50 retail locations across Canada, including Wellwise (by Shoppers Drugmart) and Pharmasave. Use our store finder to find a location near you.

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Visage™ Weighted Sleep Mask leverages deep touch pressure therapy to stimulate pressure points, promoting the release of serotonin and melatonin for relaxation and improved sleep quality, while reducing cortisol levels associated with stress.