$25 Refund Offer

Thank you so much for purchasing a Gravid Weighted Blanket!

We are offering $25 back on your purchase and just asking for a small favour in return.

To qualify:

1. Record a short video with your Gravid blanket, telling us about your experience with your blanket. This can be on your first day discussing your first impressions, or it can be done after a few days of trying it out. You can record this on any smart phone.

2. Head over to Youtube and sign in to your account

  • Did you know: if you have a Gmail account, you already have a Youtube account! Just head over to youtube.com and sign in using your Gmail information.
3. Upload your video by clicking the button at the top right that looks like this: 
  • Give it a creative title! And in the description, please add the following text:
    Weighted Blanket from Gravid - https://gravid.ca

4. Email us at hello@gravid.ca with the subject line: $25 BACK SUBMISSION and include a link to your video


That's it!

We know this sounds like a lot of work, but we promise all of the above steps can be completed in approximately 10 minutes. This initiative will help us reach and educate more people who can benefit from our weighted blankets!

Thank you for participating, and we look forward to seeing your amazing videos (and refunding $25 on your orders 😊) !



Your Friends at Gravid 



Example Video Submission from our customer Jordan: